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Deadly Identities

Introduction by Elie Chalala. Recently the Lebanese branch of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has issued a statement asking Amin Maalouf to apologize [...]

26 June 2016

Syrian Booknotes

by Elie Chalala. Since the 2011 March uprising, scores of books have been published on Syrian politics, with most written by a new generation of scholars with no longstanding [...]

23 January 2016

Words Behind Bars

Tadmur prison in the words of Faraj Bayrakdar: “In February 1988, 16 prisoners, including myself, were moved to the Tadmur Prison, where we spent four years. Finally they [...]

26 May 2015

Syria Open Sesame?

                                        by Michael Teague. A spate of recent articles in The New York Times popularized the notion that Syria is [...]

24 April 2012