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Amnesty International, Stop Torture, Act Now: Muhammad Bekzhanov – Yecenia Armenta

header-logo-enMuhammad Bekzhanov
Suffocated and electrocuted until he confessed
In 1999, Uzbekistani security forces tortured
journalist Muhammad Bekzhanov until he confessed to anti-state offences. At his trial, the judge dismissed Muhammad’s allegations of torture and used the confession to sentence him to 15 years in prison. Muhammad is now one of the world’s longest imprisoned journalists. He was due to be released in 2014, but he remains in jail,sentenced to nearly five more years. 
Yecenia Armenta 
Beaten and raped until she confessed

In July 2012, Yecenia Armenta was taken into police custody and brutally tortured into confessing to the murder of her husband. Her attackers beat her for hours, raped her and threatened to kill her children until she could take no more. Her ‘confession’ was used to send Yecenia to prison.