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Amnesty International Urgent Action: Release Teodora del Carmen Vásquez jailed for having a ‘still-birth’

thEl Salvador: Free Teodora del Carmen Vasquez

Teodora, mother of an 11-year-old boy, was expecting a new baby when she started experiencing increasingly severe pain. She called the emergency services and asked them to rush her to hospital, but her waters broke soon afterwards. She went into labour, and was unconscious when she gave birth.

When she came round, bleeding profusely, her baby was dead. Police at the scene handcuffed her and arrested her on suspicion of murder. Only then did they take her to hospital where she could get the urgent treatment she needed.

Teodora’s trial was deeply flawed. As in all similar cases in El Salvador, she was presumed guilty and, being from a poor family, could not afford an effective legal team to represent her. Her only option now is to appeal for her sentence to be changed so that she is released immediately.