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FDA: Help END Cruel Tests on Animals


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently requires companies that sell drugs and other pharmaceutical products to first test their products on animals in cruel and painful experiments.

In these tests, thousands of mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, and monkeys are forced to swallow or inhale massive doses of a test substance—which can cause severe abdominal pain, paralysis, convulsions, seizures, and bleeding from the nose, mouth and genitals—before they are killed by experimenters.

Shockingly, the FDA acknowledges that 92 out of every 100 drugs that successfully pass these crude animal tests fail or cause harm during human clinical trials. In spite of this failure rate, the FDA continues to require that companies carry out painful and deadly tests on animals.

Reliable, non-animal testing methods are available, usually take less time to complete, cost only a fraction of what animal experiments cost, and produce safer and more effective drugs.

Please ask the FDA to stop requiring cruel, unreliable tests on animals and to accept data from humane, non-animal methods instead.