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Egypt – Free tortured teenager Mahmoud Hussein

Mahmoud Hussein

Photo of detained activist Mahmoud Hussein

Prisoner of conscience Mahmoud Hussein's detention order has been renewed again. He has been imprisoned for more than two years without charge.

Mahmoud Hussein has been tortured and held without trial for more than two years solely for wearing a t-shirt that had a “Nation Without Torture Campaign” logo and a scarf with the “25 January Revolution” logo.

He is facing trumped-up charges that include belonging to a banned group, possessing weapons, and receiving money to protest.

Mahmoud was 18 when arrested on 25 January 2014, the third anniversary of the “25 January Revolution” after attending a protest in central Cairo against the Muslim Brotherhood and military rule.

He has been ill treated and tortured while in detention – and forced to confess to crimes he advises he did not commit. His allegations of torture are still to be addressed.

The limit to detention without charge or sentence on suspicion of offences that could lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty is two years, according to Article 143 of Egypt’s Code of Criminal Procedure. On 25 January, Mahmoud Hussein reached this threshold, and the authorities are now obliged to immediately release him.

However, the detention order was renewed for another 45 days on 7 February. His lawyers have filed a complaint with the Supreme Judicial Council, the highest judicial body in Egypt, to object to the 7 February detention renewal order,

Take action now. Your signatures will be delivered to Egyptian authorities to help build pressure for Mahmoud Hussein’s immediate release.

Mahmoud Hussein regularly writes letters and does drawings for other political detainees being held in different prisons across Egypt. He has written twice to Amnesty International, and has sent a drawing. His family say that he is now being denied by prison authorities the tools that will allow him to continue to draw, as well as winter clothing.