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When Morning Died (A Tribute to Sabah, 1927-2014)

nature_birds_silhouettes_sky_clouds_free_vector_5561by Hanna Saadah
When Morning rose to wake the Arab eyes From long colonial sleep, tears turned to smiles And country song-and-dance redeemed the skies And dabki arms, entwined, stretched out for miles. When with blithe voice, Sabah, our Morning, sang The crescents flickered and the church bells rang And music fluttered far with wings of light Stretching the festive eves into the night. When Morning died, the sunrise wore a shroud And tears washed off the smiles in every crowd And country music scurried home to mourn Because its flapping wings of light were shorn. Four score and more, the Arab’s Morning shone Now that she’s gone, the sun is all alone.
*Sabah is a Lebanese iconic singer and actress who died on November 2014
This poem appeared in Al Jadid, Vol. 19, No. 69, 2015 Copyright 2015 AL JADID MAGAZINE©