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A Letter to Jimmy Wales – Point one (Extract)


Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti.
(Jacques Séguéla)


No, niente appello! Qui non si tratta di riformare una sentenza, ma un costume. (…) Accetto la condanna come accetterei un pugno in faccia: non mi interessa dimostrare che mi è stata data ingiustamente.

Giovannino Guareschi (lo disse dopo la sentenza di condanna ricevuta per l’accusa di diffamazione mossagli da Alcide De Gasperi)


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Resistere, resistere, amico mio, con un popolo di pecore la vittoria del lupo non potrà che essere questione di tempo.

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…portarmi dal veterinario e sopprimermi subito, please!

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Rina Brundu

Point one. Honourable Jimmy, first of all, it would be necessary to deprive the rogues of the electronic gizmos, which in these digital times allow them to be present on the Net, to become well-known to the community, as well as to circulate their all encompassing political ideas, their delusional, pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-literary creations. We have to strip them of their computers and smartphones and tablets, but it would also be advisable to contact Mark (i.e. Mr Zuckerberg) and, after having warned him of the impending danger, attempt to cut a deal with his company to close the Facebook accounts at risk of viral viewing of such “artistic” creations. The same must be done for Twitter, Instagram and other social media that can turn the pernicious presence into a pandemic. With the black market on Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as tablets and computers imported by the Taiwanese Mafia in the West, I know that these fighting strategies will not be the final solution to the problem that we all hope for.

   Ergo, the question arises: how to locate every hideout where these intellectual impostors, these modern age subversives, these informational terrorists are hiding, so to disable their internet connection and maybe even the electrical ones? I do not deny that the brilliant spirit of Nikola Tesla in this difficult time would have been helpful, but unfortunately he has already gone to a better life. On the other hand, the solution proposed in 1951 by the screenwriters of The Day the Earth Stood Still, is not feasible, because using an alien technology, or a destructive beam directed to the Earth from orbiting satellites to neutralize the power plants in Belpaese would trigger a disaster: how could the Great Authorized Press and the national editors continue their untiring activities as people’s educators? How could they work to create the best future civil society? On these critical and unresolved issues, it will be important to brain-storm, to gather our leaders to achieve the result and hope for some luck ‘cause, as Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind”.

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