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A Letter to Jimmy Wales – A partly-free State? (Extract)

Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti (Jacques Séguéla)

Il giornalista è stimolato dalla scadenza. Scrive peggio se ha tempo. (Karl Kraus)

Thusly, Belpaese is considered a “partly-free” state? If this arbitrary classification would not offend me in the most intimate essence, it would be ridiculous. I am not saying it to boast about it (do you think that if I would be silent about the perfume emanating from a rose, it would smell less?). Truth is that we are the country which liberalized the television system. We are the country where, when I was young, on the television screen at any hour there was a parade of naked women with stiff nipples, of screaming sexual intercourse, of couples of men and women, women and women, men and men, men, women and other beings mating, in a crescendo of diverse possibilities that would invoke envy in the next-generation quantum computers and the freer hippie communities of the 1970s. We were the first country to elect a porn star to Parliament. We have loaded our political conventions with sexual showmanship, we have produced more reality shows, and an archipelago of celebrity love islands for the hungry for fame and recognition than all the other world states together. If this is not the type of intellectual capacity and commitment that is necessary to make a resumé, or a literary portrait that deserves to be eternal and handed in to the next generations for greater nourishment of their most rational spirit (and you, esteemed Jimmy, would know about this because you understand well about worthy resumés), what else would be needed to achieve this goal? What else would better speak on behalf of true freedom of expression enjoyed by a nation?

But no, for the bureaucrats of, for the media bureaucrats, for these bulldogs determined to chain down free thinking, all of this is not enough. They stubbornly point out that Belpaesians should do more to create a climate suited for the flourishing of press freedom, that it would be necessary to emancipate our public television service from the interference of politics, that it would be necessary to have newspapers that are more than just an echo chamber for their publishing master’s voices while fighting their private political battles, that it would be necessary to avoid gagging the activities of journalists, of the law enforcement community and of selected magistrates when they are conducting investigations against corruption.

Extract from “A Letter to Jimmy Wales”.

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