Vite che insegnano (per davvero), (16) – Ron Clark l’educatore degli studenti difficili del North Carolina e di Harlem. Il suo rap presidenziale e didattico.

Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti (Jacques Séguéla)

Il giornalista è stimolato dalla scadenza. Scrive peggio se ha tempo. (Karl Kraus)

okiWRHZMSolo un piccolo omaggio a questo grande educatore americano che dopo avere insegnato nelle scuole più difficili d’America ha creato la Ron Clark Academy.

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Ron L. Clark, Jr. (born 1972)[1][2] is an American educator who has worked with disadvantaged students in rural North Carolina and New York City and founded the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Clark is a New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker on the topic of inspiring educators.

Clark attended school in his earlier years within the Beaufort County school systems in the town of Chocowinity, North Carolina. Clark was an outgoing student who later graduated from Chocowinity High School with the Class of 1990. After graduation, Clark’s goals were to become an educator at East Carolina University through the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program. Following his graduation, he traveled for a time and then began working in Aurora, North Carolina. Four years later he began teaching elementary school in New York City’s Harlem and saw the difference he could make, enabling change in the lives of less-fortunate children. Clark, along with co-founder Kim Bearden, began the Ron Clark Academy in the fall of 2007,[3] a private non-profit school in Atlanta, Georgia, which follows a unique curriculum.

Pedagogical ideas
Clark has written four books on education:

The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator’s Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child (2003)
The Excellent 11: Qualities Teachers and Parents Use to Motivate, Inspire, and Educate Children
The End of Molasses Classes (2011), listing solutions for parents and teachers
Move Your Bus (2015), philosophy on types of employees/educators and how to motivate them
Clark proposed fifty-five essential rules for success in and out of the classroom, many of which focus on respect and school policies. These include “Make eye contact, respect others’ ideas and opinions, always be honest, and be the best person you can be”.[4] He later proposed eleven traits of excellence: enthusiasm, adventure, creativity, reflection, balance, compassion, confidence, humor, common sense, appreciation and resilience.[5]

Clark has appeared on national TV shows, including two appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where Ms Winfrey named him as her first “Phenomenal Man.” In 2000, Clark received the Disney Teacher of the Year award[6] Clark’s first year in Harlem was the focus of a 2006 made-for-TV movie, The Ron Clark Story starring Matthew Perry.