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A Few Words


Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti.
(Jacques Séguéla)


No, niente appello! Qui non si tratta di riformare una sentenza, ma un costume. (…) Accetto la condanna come accetterei un pugno in faccia: non mi interessa dimostrare che mi è stata data ingiustamente.

Giovannino Guareschi (lo disse dopo la sentenza di condanna ricevuta per l’accusa di diffamazione mossagli da Alcide De Gasperi)


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Elena Ludovisi

animated-candle-gif-33Warning – These words directly come from a warrior heart-shaped individual, and are addressed to whoever is able to make them their own words – the aim is to strike the right ones rather than big quantity.

A warrior is a person who’s never got anything to lose, someone who’s gone through huge pain in life and is always able to respond in a productive way for themselves and their beloved ones.

That warrior who’s got a profound belief in feelings rather than in profit is never gonna give up on their values simply because they haven’t learned a different way to deal with life and don’t even aim to: it’s someone who will always stick with themselves. And the difference with someone who’s given up is that they will not stop to believe in their own beauty.

The real warrior who’s based their lives on emotions is unconquerable except through love: they don’t know any other way their heart, soul and mind can be seduced. And if you will have access to such profundity don’t ever expect a middle way – that’s the price you pay for inspiration.

But above all, the warrior is someone who doesn’t expect victory and doesn’t give a shit about it, because what really matters is what they feel during the battle. And at that point nothing will ever be able to put them down.


If you stop being scared to not win you will get back to your primordial values, and they will make you untiringly and constantly faithful towards your own battle against whatever is dehumanizing you and eating entire pieces of your heart: there’s a concrete victory (which is yours, and yours only) in discovering the purpose in your life.

Things that make you happy are scary, as they drift your track towards unexplored paths. But the truth is that it doesn’t matter how unexplored they are: they are tracked inside of you and will always be. All you need is time and, most importantly, a lot of patience.

Please, believe me when I say that we’re all here for a reason and that the biggest insult you can give to yourself is to believe that you have none; that your value is measured on how much you make per year; that you are as important as your bank account.

Explore the chambers of your heart and respect whatever you find. Don’t be scared to find out that you’re capable of negativity: no one is either a saint or a devil. Whoever claims to always be a good guy is worth of your deepest diffidence: they either don’t know themselves entirely or, even worse, they’re lying – either way it’s dangerous.

Always remember your roots and, if that’d been painful in the past, prevent it to become the present for you and the people surrounding you.

But first of all, be the warrior of your battle and do never expect to win: when you find out that you’re the warrior of your life you have already won.

Elena Ludovisi

Publisher’s note: This article has not been edited by the publisher.


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