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Ten Reasons to Like Journalist Christopher Mason (Behind Mansion Walls)

Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti (Jacques Séguéla)

Il giornalista è stimolato dalla scadenza. Scrive peggio se ha tempo. (Karl Kraus)


  • He’s got great connections (mainly behind mansion walls!)
  • He is always neat and tidy.
  • What a unique style!
  • He is also a musician and loves performing satirical songs.
  • This is CNN… pardon, this is The New York Times!
  • He seems to know the ways of the world (just like Dryden).
  • He’s always cool no matter how gruesome the murder!
  • What a philosopher mind with all those wise quotes!
  • And wow… what great bow ties! But, most of all….
  • The richer they are the more they seem to be in trouble… when he is around!

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