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Free Raif Badawi – Blogging is not a crime

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563Pubblico la lettera che ci ha inviato Amnesty Ireland


Help me prevent my husband from being flogged

 Dear Rina

When I last spoke to my husband, he told me something I won’t forget.

He told me not to expect him home in the near future.

On 7 June, we learned that Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court made the decision to uphold my husband Raif Badawi’s sentence – 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes, to which he was sentenced for blogging.

Take action for my husband.

Join Amnesty Ireland on Wednesday 17 June outside the Saudi Arabian embassy to show your support for Raif and his family.

The court’s decision terrifies me. It means that Raif will not only stay behind bars thousands of miles away from us – his family – but also that he might be flogged again as soon as this Friday. Though he hasn’t been flogged since January 9, his sentence states that he is set to endure 950 more lashes over the span of 19 agonising weeks.

Free people like you have done so much to mobilize on Raif’s behalf. Raif asks about you and the protests you’ve organized nearly every time I speak with him.

I’m asking you now to continue to raise your voice. It’s in moments like these that the Saudi authorities need to truly feel the pressure from dedicated activists like you.

Raif taught me to hang on, to be resilient and to continue fighting for his release. Though it is difficult in these moments, I know that these moments are the most important ones. Thank you for continuing the fight.


Ensaf Haidar