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Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti (Jacques Séguéla)

ten rules

1 – Your blog is a creative expression of your Soul, never allow anyone (least of all the Internet trolls) to alter its spirit and change it in their own image.

2 – Choose your blog’s code of conduct, its ethics and try to apply it consistently.

3 – Be patient, in order to create a valid blog – from multiple perspectives – it does take months, actually, it takes several years.

4 – Do not overdo! Your blogging is not a work activity (unless, it actually is!), therefore take care of it in your own time only.

5 – Do not chase likes and followers, followers come and go but your personal style remains. Do not be offended when you are unfollowed, we can’t be liked by everyone, sometimes we’re not liked by anyone; on the other hand there will always be someone willing to give you his/her trust.

6 – Do not strive to make yourself likeable, or to look different than what you are, rather try to be believable in respect of your opinions, beliefs, no matter what they are: they have the same dignity of all other opinions and beliefs!

7 – Visit other blogs: the others have always so much to teach us and they are often more brilliant minds.

8 – Do not let blog rankings upset you (they are often driven by specific interests!) and don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Focus on quality without taking yourself and your blogging activities too seriously; at the same time never give up!

9 – Do not hesitate to ban Internet trolls and in presence of abuse do not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities: they are there to help you!

10 – Eventually your blog should look like some sort of land of freedom where everyone is welcome, specially if and when their opinions are different from yours. Stand by your principles, your creativity and the uniqueness of your Being.

By Rina Brundu
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