On Italian politics, from the “renzisti” to Dudu, Berlusconi’s pet and political advisor: gee, are we Italians really fit to live in our country?

Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti (Jacques Séguéla)

Il giornalista è stimolato dalla scadenza. Scrive peggio se ha tempo. (Karl Kraus)

imagesby Rina Brundu. “So, what’s new with Italian politics?” I was asked on returning from a short trip to the Bel Paese. What’s “new”? Honestly, I cannot imagine anything politically “new” coming out from the glorious land of Niccolò Machiavelli, but indeed the papers headlines were not short of “new…s” related to some recent, most interesting political developments.

So, let’s see: we got a former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who, after having being found guilty of fiscal fraud has been sentenced to sleep in his own bed and to actively carry out his political campaign with a view to win the incoming European elections. Then we got the current Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who arrived to power via a most elegant machiavellian move: some sort of digital Prague defenestration of Enrico Letta, the previous PM, the lethal weapon being a most inspired twitter hashtag #enricostaisereno (#enricodorelax). Renzi’s political philosophy goes by the name of “renzismo” and his followers are called “renzisti”. How could I better define “a renzista”? He/she is somebody who believes that the actual cancer behind the political and civil immobilism of the Italian society during the last century is to be found in the old age of the men (many) and women (only a few), that have acted for the country, by this implying that if you are over 50 and you get up one morning thinking of starting a political career, you should think twice… actually you are already pretty much screwed up, simply don’t! Do something else: go hunting, kill your neighbours’ cat and shoot ducks in the park’s lake… all these actions will be considered less offensive by the same civil society you had intended to serve. Different from the most familiar Machiavellianism, the “Renzismo” is a political doctrine truly inspired by politically-correctness. If you happen to be invited by an Italian friend and you are welcomed in a modest but dignified household, where classical authors’ books shine in all corners of the house, were pictures of Japanese whale-hunters shaking hands with satisfied Greenpeace activists are displayed with a given pride, you are more than likely the lucky guest of a “renzista”. Love and peace make the perfect world go round for all renzisti, as long as you agree that a perfect world is the only way out, and as long as you agree to adopt the required un-critical approach towards the “revelation”, that is to say, as long as you are with them, cause, otherwise, you are against them (don’t!). Last but not least we have Beppe Grillo, leader of the M5S, the new web-based political movement of protest which took the Italian society by storm during the last political elections: the difference between Grillo and Berlusconi? Grillo is a former comedian who became a politician, Berlusconi is a former entrepreneur and politician who recently turned into a full-time comedian…

One way or the other, Italy seems to be pretty much screwed up for the foreseeable future: really, I am not feeling that well and, gee, are we Italians really fit to live in our country?

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Featured image, Dudu, Berlusconi’s favourite dog and one of his most influential political advisors following a ball-game with Vladimir Putin.

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  1. …and if you are against them you are a “Gufo” or a “Rosicone”…Rina, try and expl
    ain the meaning of these two words to our English speaking friends…

  2. Easy Ornella

    Rosicone: a political vulture ready to attack the same carrion you are already devouring
    Gufo: a political vulture who cannot eat the same carrion you are already devouring and hopes it will rot a.s.a.p. and disappear from his/her sight. Yours too.

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