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Uno stupido che cammina va più lontano di dieci intellettuali seduti.
(Jacques Séguéla)



La “volontà di potenza” renzista più che una degna pulsione infinita verso il rinnovamento, pare una sub-categoria delle filosofie motivazionali new-age in virtù delle quali se “thoughts become things” (i pensieri diventano cose) perché le parole non possono diventare fatti? Detto altrimenti, sembrerebbe che sia perfetta convinzione della corte renzista e di Matteo Renzi in particolare, che basti affermare l’essenza della realtà (pardon, di una data realtà, quella di cui sono convinti e di cui intendono convincere il popolo italiano) per definire quest’ultima. Da qui a venirne fuori con le anelanti e usate dichiarazioni che hanno costellato questi ultimi 30 mesi di laissez-faire politico, economico, amministrativo, il passo è breve: “Il Jobs Act è stato un successo”, “L’Expo è stato un successo”, “La Riforma costituzionale cambierà l’Italia”, “L’Italia è ripartita”… e in ultimo proprio l’odierno “Abbiamo dimostrato di non essere il problema”.

(Dal “Diario dai giorni del golpe bianco” di Rina Brundu, prossimamente).

Rina Brundu

by Rina Brundu. Rossella Urru is a sardinian girl who worked for the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) and who has been kidnapped in Algeria more then 4 months ago, on the 22nd of October 2011, by the Islamic Group Jamat Tawhid Wal Jihad Fi Garbi Afriqqiya (Monotheist Movement for the Jihad in Western Africa).

Rossella was taken inside the refugee camp of Hassi Rabudni, near Tindouf, together with two Spanish co-workers Ainhoa Fernandez de Rincon and Enric Gonyalons. On the 12th December 2011 a video was released providing somehow proof of them being still alive. Since that time no more news have been given to her family and silence seems to have shrouded the all matter.

As this is a digital place where we have given so much space to the wonderful Muslim Culture, Poetry and Literature, thanks to the many Muslim friends, I ask anyone who reads this post to help out, if they can, to free Rossella and her friends and to return them safe and sound to their loving families. Families which, like it is said in the short and most moving poem published below, long for any news from them, even when these news are going to be an “heartbeat”… only.

Fra silenzi di seta,

che se un palpito scuotesse – uno solo –

deserti fitti e mari,

dei loro discontinui fiotti

sentirei il velluto del rimbombo, caldo

al tatto, all’udito intatto suono

in dolce morsa

avvolger me e quel lembo

di terra in cui nascesti.

(by Fausto Urru – to his sister Rossella)


Amongst silken silences

If one – just one – heartbeat would shake out

Thick deserts and seas

Of their flashing gushes

I would feel the velvet of such thunder, its warmth

By its touch, I would hear its full sound

Like a sweet grip

Enwrap me and that tip

Of land where you were born.

(this poem was translated by Rina Brundu, on the 19th of February 2012).

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  1. Meraviglia d’amore, di assenza dolorosa, di una poesia alta, diretta a tutti, in questo arcobaleno di vita, che perde qualche colore, purtroppo


  2. Just a further note on this. After reading this post an american friend of mine asked: if the group is Algerian, why would they use western Africa (i.e rather then North Africa)?

    My friend is referring to the islamic group mentioned in my post. According to what I read in several papers, in fact, that is the group (dissident from Al Quaeda) that would have claimed to be responsible for the kidnapping….

    My answer has been that I do not have an answer to that and that is not something I am worried about. My point in publishing this post was to help out to convey the message that comes from the family, and of which I have read on the site they dedicated to Rossella, and to convey it in English as I believe that is a much more appropriate language when it comes to have this message read outside of Sardinia, outside of Italy.

    Furthermore, in writing this post I have chosen to use the same language Rossella’s brother has chosen to use in his appeals: poetry. Somehow a language of love. A language which more then any other can help to destroy barriers.

    Hoping… knowing it can also help to reach the hearts of the people who currently hold Rossella and her friends, captive. As we, human beings, we are alike and we feel, we love, we hate, we pray… all of us in the same way. Through heart and mind. RB


  3. Spero vivamente che Rossella venga liberata, nel frattempo, preghiamo,speriamo. Toccante fino in fondo all’anima, la poesia del fratello! Il mio cuore batte all’unisono con quello di chi desidera il ritorno di Rossella!


  4. Spero che vengano liberate al piú presto.Le poesíe sono bellissime


  5. I am so sorry for your pain…I cannot imagine being Rosella’s family waiting to know. My prayers and constant reminder with #FreeRossellaUrru hash tag within my social network is what I can offer. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to bring this overdue, stand off “kidnapping” to an end.


  6. Unfortunately I do not think we can do much. But we can do what we are doing… We can help that way!


  7. Thanks to all are tweeting this post and reading it particularly today….

    Grazie a tutti coloro che stanno re-twittando questo pezzo e lo leggono, particolarmente oggi….


  8. Al Jazeera: «Liberata Rossella Urru»

    Bentornata Rossella!


  9. Sembrebbe purtroppo però che questa notizia non sia stata confermata dalla Farnesina….


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